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Winner Circle

Congratulations ! ! ! !

The winner for the month of May is:Kathy L. of Ontario, Canada

The winner for the month of April is:Stacey Needles of Duluth, Georgia

The winner for the month of March is: Jennifer Thomas of Santa Cruz California

The Winner for the month of February is:Tom Evans of Flagstaff Arizona


I will pick one entry a week out of my Guest book to be in the spotlight for the following week..The winner will have their name on the top of the (New free stuff) page and along with his/her banner or link to their home page.. If the winner does not have a home page, their name will be in the spot light, and what ever they would like to say --nothing obscene.... There will also be a spot light page were past winners will still be for up to three months. So start by putting your entry in now.. Make sure to leave your E-mail address so that you can be notified if you are the lucky winner. only One entry per E-mail address please.