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  1. FREE photo scans -5 free scans for your webpage
  2. FREE photo scan - another similar service
  3. FREE photo scans - and another
  4. FreeLance's Free web Page Authoring service - Professional page authoring
  5. Homepage creator - does a similar job
  6. Weblint form interface - Checks the HTML at a given URL and reports problems!
  7. Web Page Analyser - Checks various things including spelling and HTML .Try it!
  8. A New Image Promotions They will design a free web banner for you.
  9. Ezone - Place a small animation on your homepage!.
  10. The Page Generator - Help you create your web page via a form on line
  11. The Homepage Creator System - Simple homepage generator with a form.
  12. The Web Developer's Virtual Library Top site for web developers!
  13. Microsoft - General Internet Information - ooh loads of useful stuff!

Email services

  1. FreeMark Communications provide you with free email and software just so they can sell advertising space.!
  2. JUNO
  3. Hotmail online e-mail
  4. Net Address online e-mail service
  5. Rocketmail online e-mail service
  6. Mailcity online e-mail service
  7. The E-Minder FREE Reminder-By-Email Service - Remember the birthday, holiday, anniversary via email & FREE!
  8. Remind Me great service
  9. Graphic E Free Graphic E-mail program. looks neat.

Fax services
  1. FREE faxes-- Guide to free Internet faxing
  2. Fax on the Internet
  3. Internet FAX Server.