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Graphical icons
Bars and Buttons

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  1. Yahoo Server: Icons
  2. CERN Icon Index
  3. Realm Graphics
  4. Icons and Images Collection
  5. Icons at University of Kansas
  6. Graphical Symbols Compliant to IEC Standard 417
  7. The DCS Icon Browser in Italy
  8. Searchable Directory Index of Icons
  9. Virtual Icon Collection
  10. Images And Icons
  11. The Online Bonsai Icon Collection
  12. Abed's Icon Collection
  13. Advanced Image Management Collection
  14. Andy's Index of Icons
  15. Anthony's Icon Library (Alcons)
  16. Arnaut's Icon Page
  17. BAE Icon Archive
  18. BenBer Does Icons
  19. The Bit Map Vault
  20. Bob's List of Icons
  21. Bonsai Icon Collection
  22. Bullets by Jen
  23. Bumpy Land of Textures
  24. Carol's Clip Art Collection
  25. Celine's Original .GIFs
  26. CERN Icons
  27. Chris' World -Buttons, Cubes & Bars
  28. Cornell Icons Directory
  29. CSC Image Library
  30. Texture Land!
  31. DCS WWW Image Collection
  32. Dr. Zeus' Textures
  33. ExNet's Image Gallery
  34. Fractal Icon Archive
  35. The Fragile Liquid WWW Buttons and Thangs Archive
  36. Free Art 3D Button Archive
  37. Free Christmas Pictures
  38. Fuzzy's Icon Directory
  39. Geoff's Images Page
  40. Gilbert's Icon Archive
  41. Gizmos for use with Mosaic
  42. Grahame's Graphics for Home Pages and H.T.M.L. Uses
  43. Graphical Symbols Compliant to IEC Standard 417
  44. Greg's Web Graphics
  45. Heather Champ's Seamless Background Tiles
  46. HTML-O-Rama Icons
  47. HYPE Backgrounds for Netscape 1.1
  48. Iain's Textures on the WWW
  49. Icon Browser
  50. Iconolog 96
  51. Icons Available at DOE, Denmark
  52. Icons, Buttons, etc. in .GIF Format from TAMU
  53. Icons, Textures, and Art Stuff
  54. Index of Icons
  55. IRCAM Archives of icons
  56. Internet Roundtable Society Collection
  57. Jase's Rainbow Icons
  58. Julianne Tolson's Color Background Textures
  59. Jumpstart Communications Image and Icon Archive
  60. Kelly Black's Icons FTP Server
  61. KPT Background Archive
  62. Leo's Icon Collection
  63. Melmac Corp. Images, Icons, and Sounds
  64. Moby's Icon Archive
  65. Mosaic Rulesz
  66. NASA Photo Gallery
  67. NCSA General Icons Directory
  68. Newton Icon Collections
  69. Nick's HTML Warehouse
  70. Nix Icon Directory
  71. Notre Dame - CSE Icon Archive
  72. NRaD Icon Collection
  73. Oak Icon Archive
  74. Pardon My Icons
  75. Pattern Land
  76. Peace Goodies Icons
  77. The Pet Store Archives
  79. Planet Earth - Images, Icons and Flags