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  1. Angelfire Communications Single page using their form. Can use HTML though
  2. Nether.NET Good free homepage site with upto 3 MB! Shell account.
  3. Homepages for the Homeless Look out for a new Infoark service on this one.
  4. Tripod Excellent and impressive even though you only get 200K. Form set-up device or HTML and access via FTP.
  5. Northwest Voyager RoboWeb interface.
  6. Webville Choose a style for your homepage using their editor.
  7. Kamtec HTML editing for a homepage. Check regularly or you will be ousted!
  8. Powernet Standard web page and editing via FTP
  9. Main Quad Page generator and HTML for homepages upto 150K
  10. Classroom Connect Free space for educators and their students
  11. ACCNET FREE web space for real estate brokers and agents
  12. USA Online FREE business or personal pages if you DON'T use template
  13. WEBHOTEL FREE "Guest Suites" for non-profit organisations (4 MB)
  14. Student Access Apparently 1MB for students only
  15. The Greenday Free Homepage Centre Download their software and mail the page or use HTML on line
  16. Frontier Page for a month - maybe more. Check it out!
  17. Infoland If it is not offensive your mailed page may have free space here.
  18. OZIMALL Australian server with similar service to above
  19. GeoCities Pick your neighbourhood and set up your page on line. Recommended by many visitors to FreeBees
  20. Internet of Louisville 2 months FREE for your personal homepages
  21. Infoland Free personal homepages
  22. Vive Web Connections Free web space for schools and other non-profit groups
  23. Non-profit Outreach Network Free pages for non-profit organisations
  24. Look-up Offers free homepages (up to 100k) to anyone who registers their e-mail address
  25. Phrantic Public Housing Project A co-op of a few sites offering vacancies for the homeless!
  26. Nigeria.Com Non business with page creator. Mail them your page for approval first.
  27. Malaysian World Based where it says. Home page creator or send email
  28. Stöwe und Orth German language free site
  29. Non-Profit Outreach Network Pretty self explanatory!
  30. Main Quad Upto 150K
  31. LawLinks- Attorney Home Page Builder Free homepages for 90 days for attorneys
  32. WebCentre FreeWeb Free homepages (100k) for commercial enterprises only
  33. Frontier- Build Your Own HomePage Free homepages created using free program provided on-site
  34. EZ-PAGE (KID'S UNIVERSE) Free web pages for kids, e-z to use form-based programming
  35. Achievement International Free space for personal and non-profit organisations (Requests are judged)
  36. Websight E-Z to use form used to create pages
  37. MarketNet Try this one perhaps!
  38. Build Your Own Personal Home Page Free page for only one month
  39. AllFaiths Press Free religious-related pages
  40. PowerNet Free web pages (up to 100k)
  41. Esoteric Source Providers Free pages for writers of the metaphysical
  42. The Sunflower Network Free homepage up to 2 meg.